Guide to Adachi International Patent Office

* Established: 1978

* Staff: 50 persons, including 6 patent attorneys

* Type of Work

Domestic and foreign patent, utility model, design and trademark applications and filing, and related amendments, oppositions, expert opinions, appeals board trials, and lawsuits; domestic and foreign licenses and contracts, investigations (search and evaluating prior art and research publications), and technical consulting (assisting product and service development).

* Main Clients
Tokai Passenger Railroad, Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso Electric, Daido Steel Co., Ltd., Brother Industries, Ltd., Kawai Musical Instruments, Japanese Special Ceramics Industrial Inc., Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd., UFJ bank, Japanese Railroad Car Mfg., Inc., Ho U Inc., Aika Industrial, Kitagawa Industrial Inc., Stationary Nagoya, Inc., Toshima Inc., Niwai Inc., Itojyu Inc., Takihyo Inc.

* Features of Our Office
Our clients are primarily major manufacturers of Japan's Chubu region, for whom we prepare and prosecute patents on leading edge technology. We do online searchs using domestic and foreign databases of technical literature and patents. Our office is a high tech user of Office Automation.