Introduction to Our Office for Staffers

Our office's patent and technical staff primarily prepares and prosecutes patent and utility model applications. Because whether an invention lives or dies depends on the quality of its detailed description, technical knowledge, thinking power, and ability to express oneself are essential.

To prepare such applications, first one reads the inventor's disclosure and then asks about any unclear points. It's not necessary for one to immediately thoroughly understand an invention, but one must have sufficient technical knowledge to come to understand it well by asking appropriate questions. With guidance from a more experienced person, one who majored in a scientific discipline at university can do this job well.

We handle diverse technical fields, such as automotive, machine tools, daily necessities, computers, foods, chemicals and new ceramics. Within our office, we have designated experts for each technical field. Moreover, by assigning preparation of oppositions, expert opinions, and trial board cases in accordance with an individual's experience, our office has become good at preparing their various necessary technical disclosures and arguments.

We have appropriate word processing stations at the desks for for each type of work. As our work is primarily preparation of technical documents by individuals, each person's efforts are apparent and appreciated.
Further as we provide paid vacations, the working atmosphere is relaxed and there is no required overtime.

Staff Members' Colleges:
Tokyo University, Nagoya University, Tohoku University, Tokyo Education University, Kyoto University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Iwate University, Shizuoka University, Kyushu University, Gifu University, Mie University, Nippon University, Aichi Institute University, Aichi University, Kinjo Gakuin University, Aichi Shukutoku College, Kumano Technical College