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4. Subclass List of Patents

Search by your subclass number(s) for a list of patent numbers granted in that area.


DVD ROM: CASSIS Patents CLASS - 1790 to date

Current classification information for all utility, design, plant, reissue, X-numbered patents, and patent application publications, and defensive publications and statutory invention registrations issued from 1790

DVD ROM CASSIS: Patents BIB - 1969 to date. Includes abstracts for 1988 to date.

Bibliographic information for utility patent grants issued from 1969 to the present and for other types of patent documents issued from 1977 to the present. In addition, bibliographic information for patent application publications provided starting March 2001.


Patent search specifying Class and Subclass - 1790 to date (

Patent text search within Bibliography fields - 1969 to date. Includes abstracts for 1988 to date